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Ita Bag Starter Kit

Ita Bag Starter Kit

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Ita bags are bags filled with merchandise of a character or franchise, made as a shrine showing their pride and love for the character/series.

This will help you if you are
A) looking to start an Ita Bag and/or
B) build on your Ita Bag by requiring more straps

The list of available straps is endless and here we only list a few, we do have the 'other' option available BUT please do not select this until you have spoken to us if the anime is not listed below

Some animes which are available
- Love Live - Muse - all characters or mix available
- Love Live Aqours - all characters or mix
- Diabolik Lovers - mix
- Free! iwatobi - all characters or mix available
- Kuroko no Basuke - mix available
- Haikyuu - mix available
- Yuri on Ice - all characters or mix available
- Sailor Moon - mix available
- Pokemon - mix available
- Super Sonico

If you require a specific character and is shown available in the list above please ensure you let us know in the notes section on checkout

The starter kit without the bag will include 5 straps/badges

The kit with the bag will include 5 straps/badges and one of the Heart backpacks shown. Please ensure you let us know what colour bag you would like in the notes on checkout

Buying this will ensure you don't have the misfortune of getting someone you don't want in blind boxes

Please be aware these are NOT Wego bags

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask

Please ensure you read the shipping policies

This will take between 4 to 6 weeks to compile for you

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