Custom cases are now closed till further notice. If interested in a Decoden Case please message us. We ship on Wednesdays and Saturdays


Here are some FAQs, if your question still remains unanswered after reading this please feel free to message us via the Contact Us Page 


Common Q&As

Q: What happens once I have ordered?
A: If you are ordering a custom case, I will contact you within 5 days with some pictures of the cabochons and a draft if you request it. Once made I will take a picture for you and send this to you

Q: How long will an order take?
A: It can take up to 4 weeks depending on whether or not I have your case in stock. If I have your case in stock, I aim to make your case within 10 days on receipt of payment

Q: What cases do you have in stock?
A: All the cases listed in the menu I have in stock 

Q: Can you make cases for any phones?
A: As long as I can find a hard case, it is possible

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: All UK orders are sent second class signed for, so can take 2 to 5 days. Shipping elsewhere can take 1 -4 weeks. If your order hasn't arrived after 6 weeks, please let me know and I will assist you with it. I would ask that you do not leave neutral or negative feedback if you feel that shipping has taken a while.

Q: Will the case look exactly like the picture?
A: No, all cases are handmade and will be unique, if you would like something specific on the case, then please mention on checkout. Please be aware that I may not have the specific cabochons in question, but I will try my best to accomodate
Also the pictures are just examples, and have accomodated specific requests from customers. If you want your cabochons laid in a specific way please state so on checkout

Q: i have selected International Tracking, what happens from here
A: from the moment I send it I will send you the tracking number and instructions on where to track. The U.K. Service does not show door to door tracking. For door to depot tracking I would need to use Parcel force or DHL which is more expensive. This will show you when it's shipped, when it arrives to your country and when it's about to be shipped. Nothing in between

Q: What happens if my case order does not arrive?
A: Firstly I would recommend that you check with your local post office to see if it is held there. Secondly wait a few more weeks as it could be held at customs. If after that it does not arrive, I would suggest you claim for lost post. To avoid this and for insurance I would recommend purchasing international tracking as we cannot be responsible for lost post

Q: What happens with an item that I have purchased which is classed as a Preorder?

A: If you purchased an item in our store and it’s a Preorder the deposit you pay is non refundable even if you choose to cancel before the item arrives. We will mark the order as fulfilled on the site but please do not worry all orders are printed and stored away for when the product arrives. When the product arrives we will contact you to arrange for the remaining payment and shipping. If for any reason we are not able to fulfill your order your deposit will be refunded. This is very rare and very unlikely to happen