YYKawaii Affiliate Program

YYKawaii Affiliate Program

We are very excited to announce our affiliate program! Over the years we have created a large following of people who really care about our company and the authentic merchandise we sell. At YYKawaii we wanted to give back to those influencers who have promoted our products and followed us for a long time.

Some perks of being a YYKawaii influencer:

  • Every influencer receives a unique discount code they can share with their followers and use themselves
  • Influencers will receive free gifts every month from YY*
  • Each influencer will be entered into giveaways
  • You get to endorse your favourite company!
*The free gifts will depend on the influencers audience and content


We wanted to highlight 2 of our influencers below and give you an idea what it's like to be an influencer for YYKawaii and what we look for.


"I’m a jfashion wearer and big anime enthusiast, I essentially live my life kawaii-fied! I have been a hardcore anime fan for over 10 years now and I adore yykawaii as its been a huge resource in buying the bulk of my plushies, figures, and jfashion over the last few years without the stress of import costs and unexpected invoices ❤️"


"Hi I'm Nat a level 30 Brummy with a passion for anything kawaii and Japanese. I run my blog There Might Be Coffee which is a lifestyle blogger with lots of geek and otaku thrown in for good measure.
I love plenty of things including collecting Japanese goods, to playing games with my friends, watching anime and reading manga. Alongside Pokemon I also love Animal Crossing and Persona 5.
I discovered YY Kawaii back in 2016 when I bought a Flareon figure. Since then YY Kawaii has been my go to for my Japanese goods, as well as decorating my home with cute Pokemon plushies and Nendoroid figures. It makes me so happy to fill my home with amazing goods and know I am able to get hold of them from YY Kawaii."

If you are interested in becoming an influencer with us, go to this link and fill out the affiliate application. We look forward to hearing from you!

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