YY Kawaii - How It All Began

YY Kawaii - How It All Began

Firstly I wanted to thank you for stopping by the blog and the website.  Without the support and love from you guys YY Kawaii wouldn't be where we are today.

So I thought I would give you a bit of an insight into this journey and how it came about.  It all started at the very first Hyper Japan at Truman's Brewery at Brick Lane.  For those who now attend HJ, back then it was nothing like it was today.  I think I only stayed there for an hour, but that one hour then changed my life and my career path.

At the show there was a stand where you could try decoden and make a magnet and thats what I did.  Didn't involve any whip cream, just glue and cabochons.  This magnet still sits on my fridge today.  Not the prettiest but something to remind me of how it all began.  I think this also shows you may not always be good at something when you first start.



After that I didn't think much of it, I just thought it was fun but obviously not for me.  Then after a trip to Hong Kong inspired e again as I found a shop that sold fake whip cream and cabochons, so there i was spending at least £50 on supplies thinking this will be fun.  However back at home it just went into a box. I just didn't have the time to try it. Working 60+ hours a week and at times working on my days off, time to do anything was hard. When I finally decided I needed to stop taking work home to do, and give it a go, the whip cream I used has become solid so I was kind of back to square 1. I was disappointed, disappointed in myself for letting it get to this long before taking action and disappointed I had wasted money. 

Few weeks later I decided to watch a few You tube videos and found a source for the whip cream. After waiting for what seemed like weeks for the cream to arrive (in fact it was only 3 days) I made my first Hello Kitty decoden case. 

Back then I thought I had done an amazing job and surely someone would buy my case. But unfortunately no one and I can see why. I then chose to do a different form of decoden involving pearls and daisies 

Does anyone recognise these? I certainly had forgotten about these until I looked back at my album. My Daisy range sold quite well but then people started to copy and I realised I needed to do something else and it was also at this time I found out E6000 glue was toxic. So then in 2013 I decided to give whip cases one last go. And from then I didn't look back.

See you in my next post where I will share with you some of my first cases 💕


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