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Sakura Miku Merch and Good Smile X Animate Cafe Trip!


Spring time is upon us and that means Sakura Miku season! We have so much merchandise in stock or for preorder right now of all things Sakura Miku! Check out some of the items we have listed below.

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 Our Experience at the Sakura Miku Good Smile x Animate Cafe

In March 2020 we had the pleasure of visiting the Sakura Miku Good Smile x Animate Cafe and it did not disappoint! Hatsune Miku is featured with all sakura motifs just in time for Spring!

You can order the drinks with or without the souvenir and of course I ordered the souvenir! All the drinks and merchandise you purchase comes with coasters. The drink I ordered was called the "Sakura Mixoder" which was cherry soda with peach jelly, and cherry and cost ¥1,100 (£8.23).

I also ordered the "Luka’s Seafood Plate" which cost ¥1,100 (£8.23) and came with seafood linguine, bruschetta, salad, and soup.

Sin ordered the "MEIKO’s Color BurgerMEIKO’s Color Burger" which cost ¥1,000 (£7.48) and came with a cheeseburger on a bright red bun, chips, and a salad. This was an interactive meal since he was given a ketchup bottle to write "MEIKO" on his plate!

We also took some photos of the merch around the cafe!

If you're ever in Japan be sure to look up which pop-up cafes will be around when you're there! They usually don't disappoint! We had a great time and came home with some good souvenirs and exclusive items!

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