Pokemon Terrarium Collections ~ Preorders

Pokemon Terrarium Collections ~ Preorders

Have you ever wanted a Pokemon of your own? Now you can! Re-ment has been producing these adorable Pokemon terrariums featuring your favourite Pokemon in different scenes!

This week we are highlighting two new Pokemon terrarium collections that are releasing very soon!

The first Pokemon terrarium collection to be released is the Four Seasons. What better way to delight in the changing of seasons than with these highly detailed and eye-catchingly colourful Pokemon in their own self contained vignettes!

Releasing in 2 weeks!

The lineup includes:

  • Springtime (Sylveon)
  • Rainy Season Day (Pikachu and Froakie)
  • Summer Vacation (Wartortle and Sandygast)
  • Autumn Night (Lucario)
  • Carpet of Autumn Leaves (Vulpix)
  • Snow / Winter (Froslass)

The next Pokemon terrarium to be released is the Pokemon terrarium collection #8. This collection features Pokemon living their best life and indulging in some of their favourite activities!

Releasing in August!

The lineup includes:

  • Pikachu & Furret
  • Clefairy
  • Mudkips & Lotad
  • Scizor
  • Flareon
  • Jirachi

Be sure to preorder through Instagram or on our website!

Check back weekly for more news on preorders and exclusive merch from Japan!

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