Newest products for preorder!

Newest products for preorder!

We have some very exciting new products available for preorder! To preorder items we ask that you pay a certain percentage of the items total cost up front. Once the item has arrived we will be in contact and you will pay the remainder before it gets shipped to you. This allows you to purchase authentic Japanese anime merchandise  as soon as they're released!

Pokemon Starrium Collection

First on our preorder list is the Re-Ment Pokemon Starrium collection! This set features 6 different Pokemon hanging out among the stars! Choose from Pikachu, Gardevoir, Lapras, Umbreon, Jirachi, or Espeon. You can preorder these now and they will arrive in August!

Sanrio Capchara Collection

Who doesn't love the Sanrio characters, especially when you can have them as little capcharas hanging out around your room! This collection features Hello Kitty, Bad Batz-Maru, Kuromi, and Pompompurin enjoying an icecream! This set is so special for spring because Hello Kitty is dressed in her sakura kimono with sakura flowers in her hair!

Maid Cafe Miku Figure

Taito has announced their newest Hatsune Miku figure and we couldn't be more excited! Hatsune Miku is displayed here as a maid at a cafe! She has on her maid outfit along with roller skates and a tray! You can preorder her today and she will arrive by October!

Zenitsu Nendoroid

This Demon Slayer nendoroid of Zenitsu Agatsuma is stunning and super interactive! He comes with effect parts to recreate the moments immediately before and after unleashing his lightning-fast Thunder Breathing First Form: Thunderclap and Flash attack as well as other face plates and accessories! Be sure to add him to your collection and preorder today!


Be sure to preorder through Instagram or on our website!

Check back weekly for more news on preorders and exclusive merch from Japan!

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