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Gachapon! - Preorders & In Stock


Gachapon are toys and trinkets that come in a small plastic capsule from a vending machine. Most popularly from Japan, YYKawaii has got you covered if you're looking for authentic gachapon!
We've got some new ones in stock right now from Demon Slayer, Love Live! Sunshine, and even Disney Princesses! Some of the gachapon to look out for next month are listed below. You can preorder gachapon for May of The Avengers, Demon Slayer, Sanrio, and Kirby!


Love Live! Sunshine Acrylic Straps
Demon Slayer: KNY Acrylic Straps/Stands
Heroine Doll Gacha Figurines


    The Avengers Endgame Figurines w/ Stands
    Demon Slayer: KNY Duo Gacha Straps
    Kirby's Dreamy Gear Figurines
    Sanrio Gacha Painting Figurines
      So if you're looking to add a little personality and fun to your keychain or desk, browse our website and follow us on Instagram!

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