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Kirby Twinkle Dolly

YY Kawaii

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Kirby Twinkle Dolly

The popular "Hoshi no Kirby" joins the "Twinkle Dolly" series of cute deformed characters with items!
The lineup features 5 types: "Kirby & Star Rod", "Sleep Kirby & Warp Star", "Waddle Dee & Parasol", "Meta Knight & Candy" and "King Dedede & Hammer"!
The characters are deformed into a sweeter shape than usual and are designed with gentle colors. The items are plated and painted with pale colors, looking like shiny jewels.
You can strap these cute charms to your bag or pouch, or you can display them in your room inside the original box, which has a window that lets you see inside. They come with golden ballchains.